Prime Directive – Intro

Intro – The Maze of Life

Two aliens, sent to earth to understand it’s people. Two humans, caught up in the experiment. Four souls trapped in a maze.


Meet Gerald and Elana Morrison, a couple from Newcrest. Gerald is classified as a “Serial Romantic” in our database. He is lazy, romantic, and well … insane.

Elana’s file reads “Chief of Mischief.”  She’s a childish art lover and also… insane.

The insanity scares me. I know nothing about humans. But that will change soon.


This handsome alienman is my husband. His real name is classified, but on earth he is known simply as “Tom” Prime.

He has been sent to earth along with me to study humanity. Gerald and Elana will be our subjects.


And that’s me, Chareth Prime. We have each been given our own observation rooms in The House.

While “Tom’s” role is simply to observe, mine is to interact. “Tom” will be unable to leave his room for the entire experiment.  I will be free to go wherever I wish.


This, for the next year, is our home. It was designed by our race to test and challenge human behavior.

This is our first experiment, our first time away from home, and I am nervous.


I close my eyes and teleport our couple into The House. I wonder if they are scared too.


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