Prime Directive -Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The First Night

Their world will never be the same. Their lives will never be normal again. Gerald and Elana learn about the alien experiment.



10:00 pm.  It’s the first night in The House. Tom and I sit in our observation rooms, separated from each other and our experiments by glass. The humans are very sleepy. Finding their bed is a priority.


Gerald’s first thought is “chair” and he begins to walk through the maze.  Elana’s first thought is “be mean to Gerald,” and she runs after him.


After an hour of walking, Gerald finds his precious chair. Elana forgot whatever she was going to say.


Gerald sits down. The sleepiness is too much. He dozes off immediately.


With no one to be mean too, Elana does the only logical thing: she plays a game of chess against a sleeping man. Guess who won!


After a second game, Gerald wakes up.  He seems to be full of optimism and life.


Now the tide has turned. Elana naps in the chair while Gerald plays chess.  This could go on all night…

Gerald laughs and jokes with himself as his wife sleeps. Perhaps this is the “insane” I have been hearing about.


Elana wakes up looking much less optimistic than her husband, who has left to …


Dance.  As music plays outside my room, Gerald dances with a smile. His mood is “happy.”  Nothing can get him down.


His dance is interrupted when he gets a wish to hug his wife.  He walks for an hour in the maze just to embrace Elana.  But Elana has something else on her mind.


She takes the hour-long walk back to the main room to play with a toybox.


Gerald follows to kiss her on the cheek and chat.  Elana barely seems interested.  It’s 7:00 am now.  It seems Gerald is slowly becoming aware of how screwed he is.


Gerald is no longer happy. Gerald is no longer smiling. For the first time, Gerald screams.


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