Dani’s Story: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

These Memories Never Sleep

The ghosts of our actions can haunt us at any time.

Screenshot-522Saturday morning.  I can’t get the previous day out of my head.  I just  stole from the only person who was ever nice to me.  The least I could do is return the potty chair he used as a baby.

I stuff it in the mailbox.  It’s anonymous.  He won’t know who it’s from.

Screenshot-523I jog through the neighborhood to the wellness gym.

Screenshot-527I am going.  to.  get.  fit.

Screenshot-529I get home starving and smelly.  The kitchen is flooded again. I stir up some salad.

Screenshot-531Alina comes in, but she doesn’t want any of the fresh salad I just prepared.  No, she grabs some week-old version of the same salad from the fridge.

Screenshot-532“Mom, you ate that plate clean!  Was it chicken?”

Screenshot-533“So Mom, what’s with those new graves in the front yard?”

Screenshot-534“Fine.  Don’t answer.”


Screenshot-536This is going nowhere.  Like usual.

Screenshot-538No one says anything, but I think I’m supposed to do the dishes.

Screenshot-540“Blega blerga blah bleh.”

Screenshot-541I go back to Sam’s house.  It’s the only thing that might cheer me up.

Screenshot-542Sam’s not home when I get there.  I sit and wait.

Screenshot-543Sam comes in.  Won’t he be surprised to see me!

“Wha?  AAaahhh?”

Screenshot-545“H…hi Dani!  I didn’t expect you…  The door was open and I thought, um…”

Screenshot-544“You thought what Sam.  Did you think I was a common theif?”

“Dani, don’t startle me like that again.”

Screenshot-549It wasn’t a lie.  I was a master theif, not some common criminal.  Did he really think that if I was here to steal something, I’d wait around for him to come home?

Screenshot-550He doesn’t trust me.  What’s the point.  I might as well finish what I started.  The shower’s the last thing in the bathroom.

Screenshot-552The bedroom is sparse, but nice.  There’s this adorable light on a lovely table. I grab them both.

Screenshot-553I head to the roof for some fresh air.

“Dani, wait.”

Screenshot-555“Stay and chat for a bit.”

Screenshot-556It’s the last thing I want to do.  He pushes past me and into a room.

Screenshot-557For a moment, he seems really happy everything is still there.

Screenshot-559“Dani, I’m really sorry for earlier.”

“Me too.”

I just can’t stay mad at him.

Screenshot-546My goldfish is back!  My goldfish is back!

Screenshot-547Hail, mounted goldfish.

Screenshot-560“Goodnight, Sam.  We’ll spend some more time together soon, okay?”

Screenshot-567I go back home.  I really feel wonderful about my new friend.

Screenshot-565For a moment, everything else feels empty.

Screenshot-563Sam’s picture.  Sam’s mobile.  My room is decorated with the things he had as a baby.

Screenshot-562I feel bad, but there’s nothing I can do now.  Besides, it’s time for bed.

Screenshot-571Something gets me up in the middle of the night.  There’s a rattling noise coming from the crib.

Screenshot-570Percy the bear is levitating!

Screenshot-576“My work’s over.  It’s time for fun.”

Screenshot-577“Are you always this…blue?”

Screenshot-578“You know…you don’t show up on my contact list. We could have some…fun, and no one would know…”

Screenshot-572“Reeetuuuurn the deeecoraaaatiooons!”

I’m still asleep, surely!  My mind is just playing tricks on me because… because…

Screenshot-573…Because I feel guilty.  There’s no one here.  There’s no one here!

Screenshot-569I’ll go back to sleep.  It’s just a dream.  There’s no such thing as ghosts…

Screenshot-575“He he.  Gets them every time.”

Screenshot-579“You leave me every time. Please stay.”



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