Dani’s Story: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

Life can change, and yet still remain exactly the same

Screenshot-482Fourteen.  I’ve still got my mask.

Screenshot-481I put on the cutest dress I can find.  The purple bandit lives.

Screenshot-480I need more sleep, since Erica woke me up in the middle of the night for a party.  Hope she leaves me alone.

Screenshot-484Broken computers always put her in a bad mood.

Screenshot-485I can hear her mumbling to herself.

“I’ll sneak up behind Dani and scare her!”

Screenshot-486But I’m already in bed.  Her conscience gets the better of her.

Screenshot-487Then her spirits lift.  There’s still someone else in this house.

Screenshot-488“This’ll teach Kimmo to break my computer!”

Screenshot-489But he’s asleep too.

“I…just can’t do it.”

Screenshot-490She deals with the disappointment the best way she knows how.

“Bleh bleh bleh!”

Screenshot-491Friday morning.  I’ve got the day off of school.

Screenshot-492Time to work off some baby fat.  The purple bandit needs to be in shape!

Screenshot-493It’s a lot harder than it looks!

Screenshot-498“Kimmo, where are those books you wrote!  I wanted to read ‘Time Spy’ again.”

Screenshot-499Then it’s time for an afternoon jog.  I’m going to get into shape if it kills me.

I head for Sam’s house.  I’m not prepared for what I find.

Screenshot-500“Come in, I guess.”  Sam is just standing there thinking about what’s been stolen, all zoned out.

I feel a little guilty.

Screenshot-503I make a silly face to distract him, or maybe to distract myself.  He makes a face back.

“Bleh bleh!”  We both laugh.

I don’t think he suspects me!

Screenshot-508Relieved, I start up a conversation about how messy the people are at my house.  He tells me his folks leave food sitting out all the time too!

I think we’re on the same page!

Screenshot-501You know, he’s more hansom than I remember.  I tell him more about what it’s like living with Erica and Kimmo.

“And they never help with my homework!”

Screenshot-502“I know!”

He…really seems to understand.

Screenshot-507I feel warm and happy.  I’ve never had anyone understand me before.

Screenshot-505“You’re…a very nice man, Sam”

Screenshot-504This is awesome.  I have a new friend.

But I can’t be distracted from why I’m here.

Screenshot-509I’ve got a job to do.  I need this money.

Screenshot-510The bathroom’s still dark from when I stole the lights.  I nab the sink, toilet, and potty chair.  I’ll get the shower later.

Screenshot-511Somehow it feels different this time.

Screenshot-512I’m on my way out when Sam stops me to confess his love of art.

How could I steal from this guy?

Screenshot-513I try to forget about it.  He doesn’t know I’m the thief anyway.  And if he’s too dumb to figure that out…

“So you like to…paint?  Have you ever been to the art gallery?”

Screenshot-514“You’re prettier than any picture in the art gallery.”

Screenshot-515I go home and dream of cops and robbers.

Screenshot-516And I dream of flowers and romance.

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