Dani’s Story: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Melody and Silence

Our life is a song.  But what tune are we singing?

Screenshot-383I’m exhausted from whatever happened last night.  Was it a dream?  It had to be a dream.

I ride home after school for a quick nap.

Screenshot-385Then the purple bandit goes on the prowl again – fearless.  I head back to the Wan-Goddard house.

Screenshot-387I press the doorbell.  *Ding.

It all feels like a routine now.


Fooling Hank once was fun.  Fooling him twice would prove just how awesome I was.

Screenshot-390*Ding.  There’s no answer.

I look around.  Maybe no one’s home, or they’re asleep!  I’m in luck!

Screenshot-391I can clear out the whole front porch!

Screenshot-392La de da, a table!  La de da, a light!  La de la, the purple bandit strikes again tonight!

Screenshot-418I head back home, but Erica’s…somewhere else.  Again.

Screenshot-561And so is Alina.

“I caught a goldfish?  I caught a goldfish!  I can mount it!”

Screenshot-414I go to sleep and dream.  I’m in a huge room, surrounded by desks and tables, and they’re all looking at me and laughing at me because I told the best joke ever.

Screenshot-419“So he looks cool!”

“HA HA HA ha ha ha ha…”

Screenshot-421Thursday morning…

Screenshot-422I haven’t done my homework yet (been busy…making money) so I ask Kimmo for help.  He looks reaaaaaly puzzled at first.

Screenshot-426He does his best, and somehow we get through it before the school bus drives up.

Screenshot-428It must have really stressed him out, cause he heads right for the computer to write another book that he can buy endless copies of.  But the computer breaks.

Screenshot-429“Do you…still love me, honey?”

“Dear, you broke the computer.”

Screenshot-431Maybe he was bored.  Maybe helping with my homework put him in a good mood.  Maybe it was guilt.  But for whatever reason, he grabs a copy of three of his bestsellers and heads off to the local library.

Screenshot-432He marches up the stairs – sad, yet determined.

“I can do this.  I can begin to turn my life around.”

Screenshot-434He walks through the library doors…

…and drops his books in the donation box.

Screenshot-435And then complains to a random stranger.

“…and this is the worst library I’ve ever seen…”

Screenshot-437After school, I visit the next-door neighbor’s house for a change.

Screenshot-438A bald-headed teen answers the door.  He acts like he knows who I am.

I just hope he’s got some food.  I’m starving.

Screenshot-440I find a bowl of soup just sitting on the table. Bald guy doesn’t say a word.  He just sits down next to me and starts to do his homework.  I figure I should say something.

“I’m Dani Spirro, your neighbor.”

Screenshot-441“I’m Sam Sekemondo.”

I gasp.

Screenshot-442This is the house Erica took things from for my baby room!

“M…maybe I should leave now!  I…I don’t want to bother you with your homework and all and…”

“You’re not bothering me.”

Screenshot-443“You stay as long as you like.”

He doesn’t know who I am!  I’m so happy.

Screenshot-444This Sam guy is nice, but I can’t let that get in the way of why I’m here.  I need an excuse to get away.

“You’re homework is all wrong, cause Paris is in South America!”

Screenshot-445That did it.  He can sulk while I scope out the house.

Screenshot-447I wonder if I should steal from this house.  It’s already been burglarized once – by my mom!

Nah, I’m gonna finish what’s been started.  I’ll show everyone who’s the best little thief in Sunset Valley!

Screenshot-448I’ve got a method now.  Always steal the lights first, so if you get caught, it’ll be dark.

Screenshot-450Easier to take more stuff.  Easier to get away.

Screenshot-462It’s been a long day.

“The computer’s broken AGAIN?”

Screenshot-461“Oh kind ghost, tell me your secrets!  Or I’ll never find peace!”

Screenshot-455Kimmo’s been in a good mood all evening – quiet, peaceful.  I wonder why?

“…Mm-hmm…books…I can do good with books…”

Screenshot-457I fall asleep and dream.

“Noo, the books are after me!  They’re going to get me and turn me into a story!”  I’m the villain now, and Captain Candycane is riding up on a white horse.

Screenshot-458He stabs me in the chest.  Candy pours from my heart but I don’t die.  The licorice people all bow before me.  “You’re the real leader of our world!” they cry.  “We had no idea what the truth was until you showed up.”  They hand me a sheriff badge.  “Thank you, bandit. Rule us.”

Screenshot-463Erica wakes me up in the middle of the night, because it’s my birthday!  I find a huge cake on the kitchen table.

Screenshot-465I think this is their idea of a party.  I probably shouldn’t complain.

Screenshot-466“Make a wish!”  “What do you want, sweetie?”

What do I want?

Screenshot-467I want a real goal.

I know the truth – I’m a small-timer.  I want to be the best thief there is, so I can buy a big house and get away from this family!

Screenshot-471It’s a big dream, but I can dream big.  I’ve got all the time in the world.


Screenshot-474Oh yeah.

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