Dani’s Story: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Behind Blue Eyes

We take the first step down many paths. Sometimes we turn around. Sometimes we just keep going until we find ourselves in another city, and it’s a long way back home.

Screenshot-295It’s Tuesday morning.  Kimmo cleans up the mess in the kitchen.

Screenshot-294He stops to daydream of his new bride.

Screenshot-296Erica heads out to get the mail.  She daydreams too.

Screenshot-298“The picture is finished, come and see!” Kimmo yells.  We all gather.  He clears his throat.

“This is a portrait of my beloved Erica!”

Screenshot-396I gotta get away, so I head out to the shed.  It’s where I stashed my 650 simoleons of furniture last night.

Screenshot-394My stolen furniture.

Screenshot-395I look at myself in the mirror and my guilt vanishes.

Screenshot-400I look kind of awesome!  I need an alias.

I’m the eight-year-old girl who just stole 650 simoleons of property!  I’m the cute little kid that no one suspects!

Screenshot-404I’m the purple bandit!

Screenshot-304The next day after school, I stop by the Wan-Goddard house.  The door opens…

Screenshot-306And out steps a policeman.

Screenshot-307“You look like a right little bandit!”

I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.  “I was playing cops and robbers,” I whisper.

Screenshot-309He bought it!  We make silly faces for a while, then he helps me with my homework.


Screenshot-316I can’t steal from a policeman, can I?  I’ll never get away with it.

What am I saying?  I’m the purple bandit!

Screenshot-319“You going somewhere?”

Screenshot-320“I need to use the bathroom.”

He bought it again!

Screenshot-321This’ll be a piece of cake…

Screenshot-313“Piece of cake…”

Screenshot-324I hit the jackpot at this house.  Toss the chair out the window.  Shrink the lamp…

Screenshot-329No one’s going to miss those pictures.

Screenshot-334“Oh Hank, hi!  I gotta go…meet my aunt at the graveyard.”

“Graveyard?  What for?


He bought it a third time!  I should head for home.

Screenshot-343 Who knows what’s going on there.

“I wonder where to keep these graves.  Is Alina home yet…”

Screenshot-335“…Cause last I saw she was fishing at the graveyard.”

“Hope I catch a goldfish so I can mount it!”

Screenshot-347 I’m too tired to eat anything.  I dream of chicken legs turning into giant forks with eyeballs, and never knowing they were chicken legs…

Screenshot-354Then something wakes me.

Screenshot-355I’m seeing things. I’ve got to be seeing things.

Screenshot-356The grey form relaxes in Alina’s bed.  My god, even the ghosts read around here!

Screenshot-359Erica freaks out for a moment.

Screenshot-363Then introduces herself the best way she knows how.  Turns out the ghost is a dead woman called Gertrude Flansburgh.

Screenshot-364Erica’s next move is to complain about me.  She tells Gertrude I’m an unthankful little kid who has no chance at a life.

Screenshot-365Then they go outside to play tag.

Screenshot-370I can’t get back to sleep.  I head out to my little room.  It’s really filling up now.

Screenshot-373I can’t get Erica’s words out of my head.  I know she’s right.  I’ll never amount to anything.  But I’ve chosen my path now.  If I abandon this I’ll have nothing.

Screenshot-372I look in the mirror.  I’m the purple bandit.  The purple bandit isn’t afraid of anything!

Screenshot-366I watch as Erica plays tag with Gertrude all night.  She’s having the time of her life.

Screenshot-378Till the sun comes up.  Gertrude vanishes into thin air.

Screenshot-375Like everyone does when you need them most.


Screenshot-376But I don’t cry, cause the purple bandit never cries.

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