Dani’s Story: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It’s a Very, Very Mad World

Our childhoods are spent exploring.  We see the world truly for the first
time, and we find our place in it.  We discover our identity.

Screenshot-216My new found freedom was wonderful. I could go anywhere. The world was mine to explore.

Screenshot-212I jogged along the beach for a bit.  I can’t leave home just yet, but I can stay away as much as possible.

Screenshot-210I need a way of making money.  Then I can escape for good.

Screenshot-211A sudden thought occurs to me. I could steal stuff off the beach
when no one was looking.

What?  Why was I thinking that!  How could I?

Screenshot-214Maybe it was the mask.  Maybe it was the stolen nursery decorations.  I pull out my fishing rod.  That’s a nice honest way to earn money!

Three sardines?  They can’t be worth more than 6 simoleons.  Sigh.

Screenshot-222Oh wubba!  My parent’s wedding is in an hour.  I run home to take a nap.

Screenshot-234It’s not long before the guests arrive.  May sneaks up behind Alina and scares the wits out of her.

Screenshot-235Great.  I don’t need Alina in one of her moods again.

Screenshot-226Everyone gathers.  I have to explain that I didn’t paint that picture.  Then as the couple start saying their vows, Kimmo’s pocket rings.

Screenshot-224He looks shocked.  He uses all his restraint not to answer it.

Screenshot-231It was all I could do not to break down, but it wasn’t enough.  *Sob.  I gotta get out of here.

Screenshot-240I curl up in Kimmo’s bed and have a nightmare about the two-faced masked man. No one really knows what he’s thinking, cause he changes his masks at will.


The next day is Monday!  I get up early and try to work off some of that baby fat.  Wonder what the school kids will think of my mask?

Screenshot-242Heh.  Either way, I’m so excited.  I’ll get a free lunch at school.


I don’t go home afterwards.  No way.  I’ve got a whole city to explore.

Screenshot-247I’m still thinking about my failure at fishing.  I really need to make some money…  Just past the school I find a house with a mailbox labeled “Clavel.”

Screenshot-248I ring the doorbell.  I musta startled someone cause they yell and run upstairs.  I wait.  A man walks back down.

Screenshot-250His name is Gage Brody, and he actually looks concerned about me.

Screenshot-251I tell him my favorite joke about why the sun wears sunglasses. We both laugh.

Screenshot-253Maybe Gage is someone I can really count on, for once.  I ask him to help with my homework.

Screenshot-254He looks more puzzled than I do sometimes, but we get through it.

Screenshot-260Hmm, no one else at this house really notices me.  It’s late and I’m going to need a shower before school tomorrow…

Screenshot-264Wow. This bathroom is nice.

Screenshot-266A thought crosses my mind.  I try to dismiss it.  I can’t do that.

Screenshot-267But no one is watching… They won’t miss one light…  It’s worth way more than sardines!

Screenshot-268That was easy!  Maaaaybe they won’t miss both lights.

Screenshot-269Total darkness.  I can sneak out something bigger now.  That mirror?  Ha!

Screenshot-271Better take my shower now.

Screenshot-274… …

Screenshot-276The gig’s over.  I’m caught.  Why did I do this in the first place?  I feel terrible!

Screenshot-277They…haven’t noticed?  Are these people blind!  They’re just mad at me for using their stupid shower.

Screenshot-278Well two can play at that game.

“Shoo!  Go away!”

Screenshot-280But they don’t go away.  Three chatty men gather around me, like they’ve haven’t talked to anyone else in ages.

“Hi, I’m Dave Ramsey.  No one here does the dishes.  No one!”

Screenshot-281They. Woooon’t. Leave.

“I’m Xander Clavel.  Everyone I yell at gets mad at me!  The nerve!”

Screenshot-282I think they finally bore themselves to death.

“Do you like music?  *Yaaaawn.  I love music, I think.”

Screenshot-283I walk away slowly.  What have I done?  How could they not notice?

Screenshot-284That was chaotic, but not in the way I expected.  I start to think.  Maybe
this isn’t a bad thing.

Screenshot-285Maybe this is how I can make money and escape.  Maybe…this is just my identity.  I feel a
sense of hope for the first time.

Screenshot-286It’s ten o’clock when I get home.  Someone’s broken the sink again, and I don’t even care.

Screenshot-287I snuggle under the covers of my rosewood bed and dream.

Screenshot-289I dream of the kind man who helped my with my homework…

Screenshot-290…And of showers…

Screenshot-291…And dirty dishes.

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