Dani’s Story: Prologue part 2

Prologue pt.2

You’ve Arrived at Panic Station

Now you know my world.  It’s time to talk about me.

screenshot-9It was no secret that Erica and Kimmo liked each other, for the most part.

“Your cooking tastes like rotten yeti meat!”

Screenshot-10 Their courtship was long and full of guitars.

Screenshot-52This is where I came into the picture.  And when you hear the story of my birth, and what happened after, you’ll understand.

Screenshot-55When Erica first went into labor, Kimmo got more excited than he had in his whole life.

Screenshot-57 But then his phone rang.  And he answered it.

Screenshot-58It completely distracted him.  He grabbed a book, and went to sit down and read it.  This was the first time he knew he had a problem.

Screenshot-67Erica was so glad when the birth was finally over.  She handed me to Kimmo so she could start making silly faces again. Screenshot-83And there I was, in my kinda sparse nursery.

Screenshot-84THIS is the world I was born into.  Childish, absent-minded, crazy.

Screenshot-112But don’t think that nobody cared about me.  When I was one year old, Kimmo invited some of his work friends over for a party.  They put a little criminal mask on my face.

Screenshot-111It was just a joke.  They all laughed.

Screenshot-105But I was never the same after that.  I began to dream about crime and adventure.

Screenshot-136Then IT happened.  Erica was visiting the Sekemondo house.  She found Sam on the roof.  He was a teen now.  He certainly didn’t need his baby items anymore.

Screenshot-120 “What a cute nursury!” she thought.  She looked around.  No one could see her.

Screenshot-121“This is just PERFECT for Dani’s room.”

Screenshot-123 “Erica!  Someone stole my giraffe picture!  And my moblie!  And my lamp!

“Oh Sam, how horrible!”

Screenshot-125So there I was, in my room full of stolen goods.  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t affect me.

Screenshot-101My thoughts about crime and escape became more and more persistent.  I confessed  everything to my teddybear Percy.

“Ga ga da do ggg.”

Screenshot-129It went downhill from there.  Kimmo quit his job.  “I’ll make money by painting and writing,” he said.

Screenshot-134 But he didn’t.  He just sat around reading books.  And he hooked Alina on his obsession.  They bought every book they could get their hands on.  Including the ones Kimmo wrote.

Screenshot-48 They read at the table.

Screenshot-192 They read at the park.

Screenshot-109 They read us out of house and home.

Screenshot-141Soon there wasn’t enough money to pay the bills.  The repo man showed up.

Screenshot-142Kimmo knew he had a problem.  But he couldn’t give up his reading.

Screenshot-130 He’d just have to improve his writing skills, and make enough to get by.

Screenshot-131I was desperate to get out of this house.  So what if I had nice things on my walls.  No one even bothered to potty train me!

Screenshot-161Then I got my chance.  Someone left the door open.

Screenshot-162I started crawling as fast as I could, desperate to get away.

Screenshot-163I made it to the edge of the house.  I started to round the corner.  Is this it?  Freedom?

Screenshot-104 Busted.  That’s as far as I got.  Next time I’ll have a plan though.  Next time.Screenshot-205But I’m not helpless like that anymore.  Today I celebrated my birthday.  Here I am world.  My name is Dani Spirro, and I am eight years old. Screenshot-208Finally, I have freedom.

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