Dani’s Story: Prologue part 1

Prologue pt.1

This Chaos, it Defies Imagination

This is my life before I knew it.  This is the insanity I was born into.


My name is Dani Spirro, and I am eight years old. Before I can start tell you my story – before you can understand my story – I have to go back.  Back before I was born.

Screenshot-188I arrived into a house of three young adults. That’s my mom there, setting the kitchen on fire.

Screenshot-38Her name is Erica Spirro and she’s, well…

Screenshot-12She’s a walking disaster.  There she is, breaking the sink.

Screenshot-10 (2)There she is, breaking the toilet.

“The toilet was busted BEFORE I used it!”

Screenshot-77I don’t think she’s crazy or anything…

Screenshot-79I just think she’s a little…childish.

“That was embarrassing!  Bad drawer!”

Screenshot-4 (2) She works in the criminal career track cause she’s a “kleptomaniac”.  Personally, I think she just likes playing in the dumpsters outside the criminal building.

Screenshot-34It’s hard for her to get promoted when she keeps getting arrested.

Screenshot-16 (2)But at the end of the day, she can always make a silly face.

“Bleh bleh.”


Give her a few free minutes, and that’s what you’ll find her doing.  No really, she doesn’t do much else.


Kimmo Breen, my dad.  He couldn’t be more different.  Quiet, absent-minded…


He’ll read a book first chance he gets.  ANY chance he gets.


He likes to play his guitar in the park for tips.  He also plays professionally, while doing some “painting and writing” on the side.

Screenshot-20Yeah…he’s got a long way to go in that department.


He’s not COMPLETELY free from drama, though.  Like the time he threw a party, and the sink broke and flooded the kitchen, and then he peed on the floor.  Bad memories there…

Screenshot-148But yeah, for the most part he’s a calm, quiet guy.

“Oh, this was MY birthday party?”

Screenshot-85 Alina McAllistar, on the other hand…

Screenshot-88That’s my teddy bear, Percy.  I thought she was going to kill it!

“Diiieeee, teddy!”

Screenshot (2)

Alina gets mad at the toilet.  Just for existing, I think.

Screenshot-14She’s very excitable.  You should have seen her when Erica broke the computer again.  I thought she was going to have a heart attack!

Screenshot-108And now you know.  These are the people who live in this house.

“The toilet WAS busted before I used it.  I swear!”

Next: Prologue part 2


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